Performance Audits That Challenge Status Quo

Get a second pair or eyes. No more autopilot.
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Never stay idle with period audits.

An unbiased, 3rd party look at the performance of your customer acquisition.
The problem

Why consider a performance audit?

Every team has a limit and that's why conducting 3rd party audits leads to an instant boost to marketing performance.
Disrupt autopilot marketing.
Uncover your blindspots and get to know some of your unknown unknowns.
Re-ignite innovation with testing new initiatives.
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The outcome

What do you get?

Our focus is to improve your bottom line. We'll put your entire acquisition strategy to a test to find opportunities for rapid improvement.
Detailed assessment of your funnel-wide performance.
Prioritized recommendations by impact, effort and expected outcome.
User stories of validated customer problems for your product or marketing teams.
Working models

How can we work together?

Think of us as an extension of your existing teams. We are not a replacement (in most cases), rather an accelerator and unbiased second pair of eyes.
Collaboration with your existing team.
One-time or recurring performance audits.
On-going support throughout implementation.
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Performance audit testimonials

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

"Invaluable partnership! Growth Media provided pivotal insights that significantly minimized our ad waste. The team doesn’t just analyze; they strategize, introducing us to better avenues for sustainable growth."

Senior Director, Performance Marketing

"A true game-changer for our online presence!
Their data-driven approach surfaced immediate web & organic improvements and their commitment is reflected  higher engagement and conversion rates."

VP Marketing
Our approach

Speed and operational efficiency

Get more traffic and increase conversions to win more customers.

Measure twice, cut once

Data provides objective insights and eliminates subjective biases. Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market dynamics, and operational efficiencies to make informed decisions.

10,000 iterations, not hours

In a dynamic business environment, the traditional approach in a single strategy or idea may be inefficient and slow. Test multiple hypotheses and gather feedback to learn what works faster.

Okay to build a plane mid-flight

Accelerate progress, and capitalizes on time-sensitive opportunities. In today's fast-paced business landscape, speed is of the essence to seize market share, and respond to customer demands.